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Divorce costs

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The costs of a lawyer are often difficult to estimate for those seeking justice. Basically, there are different ways to calculate the costs of a lawyer.

Billing options for legal services

If the effort can be calculated and the object of the service can be clearly defined, it is often advisable to agree on a flat fee, since in this case the costs for the client are known from the outset and no further costs are to be expected.

Otherwise, other tariff systems such as the Lawyers' Tariff Act (RATG) or the General Fee Criteria are also available for legal services. In this case, the costs for legal services are calculated according to the amount in dispute. This means that each legal service is calculated according to the amount in dispute on which the legal dispute is based. In matters in which there is no value in dispute because the subject of the service cannot be valued in money, such as divorces, the legislator provides for a fixed value in dispute, from which each service is calculated. The value in dispute for divorces is currently EUR 4,360.00.


Another option is to negotiate an hourly fee. In the case of high amounts in dispute, this form of fee can often be even cheaper than the legal amounts in dispute according to the RATG.

I therefore recommend that you clarify and agree on the most suitable form of settlement with your lawyer in advance.

It is immanent to all billing options that they come about by agreement, only in the event that nothing has been agreed do the relevant billing rules of the Lawyers' Tariff Act apply.


I would be happy to advise you and I guarantee that you will find the right type of billing for you.