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about Christian Lackner.

Divorce lawyer Christian Lackner at his desk.


After more than 5 years in well-known law firms, I decided in 2012 to go my own way and to put my experience and expertise in legal advice at the service of my clients.


I completed my education at the Universities of Vienna and Madrid (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid). In addition to German as my mother tongue, I speak both English and Spanish - both spoken and written. It is easy for me to support my clients in these three languages ​​during their divorce. I know from experience that people feel best in their mother tongue when it comes to such highly personal and uncomfortable topics.

In the course of my education, I focused on divorce law from an early age out of interest. In my circle of friends and family, I had to realize that a lot of questions arise, especially when it comes to divorce, which often remain unanswered.


Fair regulations on custody, maintenance and the distribution of assets and above all a harmonious, amicable divorce are particularly important concerns for my clients.

I will regulate the legal part of your divorce for you and for the benefit of your children.